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Best engineering technologies are the manufacturers of Solvent Extraction plants, food processing plants, Herbal and Essential oils plants, Fortified rice processing plants, fruits and vegetable process equipment for different industrial requirements.
Incorporated in 2005, BET has been in the industry for the last 18 years with a manufacturing facility and factory spread across 50000 sq. ft at Bachupally, Hyderabad. All plants are supplied on a total turnkey project across more than 50 countries globally and across the states in India.
With deep knowledge about the industry, clubbed with vast experience and expertise attained by installing more than 500 projects of essential oil distillation plants, 50 projects of aloevera processing plants, 50 projects of amla processing plants, 30 projects of solvent extraction plants and more than 1000 projects of food processing plants across the globe,made BET pioneers in these fields.


Passion clubbed with huge demand and our engineering back ground made us to enter in to the PRE FAB houses manufacturing business.

  • Modern and elegant with designer models of multiple fab homes.
  • Energy efficient, zero waste, non-polluted constructions.
  • Quick processing and save construction time.
  • Reliable construction schedules with timely delivery.
  • PFH are entirely Safe and reliable.
  • Construction process is under strict supervision.
  • Reliability of quality materials being used for home.
  • Affordable pricing with fixed budgeted investments.
  • Renovation or expansion of homes are cost effective.
  • Various options for designer homes based on budget.
  • Low cost-high quality housing projects in high numbers.
  • Cyclone and wind resistant - steel frames.
  • Anti-corrosion and rest proof manufacturing process.
  • Higher carpet area for usage due to thinner walls.
  • Heat resistant materials for roof and walls construction.
  • 10 to 15% heat reduction from the outside temperature.
  • With proper maintenance,15 to 20+ years is lifetime.
  • Pre – Fab houses are highly customizable.

Considering all the above points, we have seen immense potentially and future for this business.

Why Prefab Homes ?

Prefabricated homes are built into steel frames, the assembly of the structure is done on site with all the precisions and the finishes of these are very similar to a regular RCC house. But these structures stand out because of no leakages, temperature control inside the house, easily dismantled and can relocate to new site & fast construction.
Prefab homes are also commonly known as eco-friendly modular homes which have improved the construction sector worldwide. Modular prefab structure have most of the components factory built which reduces the construction time also reduces the structural deviations. Thus, modular or prefab houses conserve energy, reduce electricity usage and ensure limited water usage during construction. Wastages are also minimized & processed properly.
Prefab homes are very much in search for as they offer numerous design options, state of art features and are sustainable and Eco-friendly. Prefab technologies have revolutionized the options, ensuring that customer gets cost-effective solutions and sophisticated lifestyle that lead the way for Exclusive homes at the same time as helping them to do something for the environment conservation &saving natural resources too.
Remember, if you can build Eco-friendly home, it can make a difference, you can inspire others and it can lead to a Sustainable New World.